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Teaser of NYCTALOPE - OCTOBER 2021 by Carole Lorthiois

With: Oliana, Justine.P, Justine.S, Audrey, Marie, Mathidle, Camille.M, Agnès.C, Pénélope, Cécile, Laurent, Marie-charlotte, Eva, Clarisse, Lohan, Muriel, Sophie, Hélène, Carole, Elise, Laëtitia, Maëva, Samira, Agnès.P, Carine, Natasha, Claire, Camille, Lulu, Andréa, Emilie, Jaana, Helen, Situ, Ghya, Thia, Phirita, Mina, Carine.  

Thank you to those who make these crossings possible.  

Thanks to Samba Résille and Caisa / Erasmus plus project

Photos: Carine Puyo

 25.09.2021 / TOULOUSE

Creation 2021

PODCAST to listen to

Causette du Boudoir

Special issue - Chalon dans la rue 2021

NYCTALOPE - Crossing of women in public space at night 

Photos: Pierre Acobas

Sound layers: Anne Morata

With Maëva Longvert and Marichat

 22.07.2021 > 24.07.2021 / CHALON SUR SAÔNE

Pictures Pierre Acobas /  Michel Wiart / Benjamin Lengagne / Mathieu Mangaretto


women in public space at night


 NYCTALOPE is a participatory performance in public space that proposes another story for women at night. An artistic action prepared with 30 women from the city. The public is invited to cross a temporarily modified space.

It is a solitary walk to meet :

- Diverted textile installations that dress the city.

- Graphics on the ground, lines and patterns that dot the streets.

- Sound diffusion points that transform our experience of the night.

- 30 women who walk, sing, run and inhabit the different installations.

NYCTALOPE plays with real and fictional fears, with strategies of avoidance and circumvention, to turn the night upside down and reclaim the city.

The red threads enclose, liberate, protect or underline the women and the city to create phantasmagorical images between dream and nightmare.


Premiere: 22/23/24 July 2021 - Chalon dans la rue (IN). 

From 20 to 25 September 2021 - Espace Culturel Bonnefoy - Toulouse

From 4 to 10 October 2021 - Helsinki - Finland


30 minutes of solitary walk to meet living plastic installations


Lieux Publics - National Center and European Pole of creation for public space. 

In Situ - European platform for artistic creation in public spaces.

L'Abattoir - National Center for Street Arts and Public Space. 

Le Citron Jaune - National Center for Street Arts.

The Pôle - Gatti Season

Samba Résille - Center for cultural and citizen initiatives. 


Erasmus Plus 

DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - Ministry of Culture

City of marseille 

Let's relaunch the summer



The North Pole - Imaginary Travel Agency 

La Zouze - Cie Christophe Haleb

La Friche Belle de Mai 


Residency outing at Public Places on February 13, 2021

Video: Carole Lorthiois

With :  Nadège, Fériel, Elodie, Samira, Camille, Josy, Corinne, Doreen, Périnne, Laura, Deniz, Laëtitia, Annie, Zoë, Daphné, Maira, Claire.


Maëva Longvert : Conceptor, author, director.
Laëtitia Madancos: Collaborator in the direction of the street, director of actresses and co-author.
Isabelle Perrouin : Performer - singer, sound design // reprise : Camille Mouterde
Lohan Doumergue : Performer - circus artist.
Alice Leclerc : Lighting design
Anne Morata : Sound design.
Alexandra : Sound design.
With the participation in 2020 of Ashtar Muallem.
Samira Boukhnous : Development and production.
Sophie Mourgues : Diffusion agent

Co-production : 

Lieux Publics - Centre National et Pôle européen de création pour l'espace public. 

In Situ - Plateforme européenne pour la création artistique en espace public.

L'Abattoir - Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l'Espace Public. 

Le Citron Jaune - Centre National des Arts de la Rue.

Le Pôle - Saison Gatti

Samba Résille - Centre d'initiatives culturelles et citoyennes. 


Erasmus Plus 

DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur - Ministère de la Culture

Ville de Marseille 


Le Pôle Nord - Agence de Voyage Imaginaire 

La Zouze - Cie Christophe Haleb

La Friche Belle de Mai 

Relançons l'été

Artist contact : Maëva Longvert / 0677951604 /

Distribution contact : Sophie Mourgues /0674205687/ 

Production contact :  Samira Boukhnous 

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