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Lohan Doumergue

Lohan Doumergue


When I was 5, I wanted to be an actress.
When I was 10, I wanted to be a flight attendant.
At 24 I was a trapeze artist.
After a pedagogical training in circus art in Brussels, I surveyed circus schools looking for a way to link expression and bodily prowess. I spent 2 years at the circus school in Madrid followed by 3 years at the Lido in Toulouse, where I come from as a trapeze artist.
Then, I meet the art of the clown, a large world in which I find my place of absurdity and thanks to which I reveal my imagination on stage.
Hungry for experiences, I have been going since 2011 in artistic exploration through internships in Body Mind Centering, meetings with the present within the FAAAC group in parallel with my research on the quest for happiness.

Captivated by the plastic research of the company Le Polymorphe, I wear the Nyctalope project facinée by the link between matter and human; without really understanding it and it is the artistic place that I like:

Where there is no evidence, is there a chance to glimpse grace?

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