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April 2021: City of Street Arts with Chape college students and their teachers, a project supported by Public Places and supported by APCAR.

Performance 2021

From the playground to the public space

LATITUDE is an artistic intervention project in

educational institutions.

In collaboration with the educational teams, the Polymorphe team offers a cycle of 12 hours of workshops for

address the issue of the gendered distribution of common spaces in their college and experiment collectively

the different phases of a creation process.

Through a plastic approach (sensitive cartography / affective geography / design / sculpture / scenography)

and a physical and theatrical approach, a number of questions will be asked of the students:

In college, how is the space distributed between people, sexes, individuals?

What is your connection to the other? What are your activities during breaks?

What is your relationship to others in your college space, is it gendered?

From the bodily research of the piece NYCTALOPE and the choreographic and plastic work, the students

will be invited to trace their spaces, represent them and come and stir the material.

Students will be invited to go through the different phases of the creation process:

1. Material collection workshops: graphic collections, college cartography

2. Workshops in theatrical and physical transcription

3. Staging the 20-minute form

4. Plastic realization of the transcription fresco

5. Collective performance

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