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Laëtitia Madancos

French - Portuguese,  Holder of a professional master's degree in dramaturgy and scenic writing in public space and a master's degree in performing arts, mention European Theater, very quickly she multiplies experiences of acting, staging and transmission in research and creation laboratories . At the Théâtre de la Marmite-Cie Les Petits Weights for 6 years, she assisted with the staging, Sophie Berckelaers and Karim Troussi, she led long-term projects outside the walls, with professionals and young people from the Grenoble working-class district of Villeneuve.

  In parallel from 2010, she co-founded La Cie Les Fées Rosses, of which she will assume the artistic co-direction for 7 years, the writing and staging of creations and performances in public space. His professional career is marked by strong encounters and field experiences which teach him how to handle political theater on stage and in the street, weaving with generations and contexts.

Also a traveler on many occasions, she crosses part of the African continent on her own, learning to sail with Captain Jean Monzo in the southern lands. It was during these many trips that she learned to grab her pen to write "the noise of the world". From nomadism chosen to long-term immersions, this is how she refines her writing, allowing herself to be crossed by the humanities who inhabit the places, at the end of the world as at the corner of her street.

  In 2017, she joined the FAI-AR (Higher Art Training in Public Space) in Marseille, where she offered a performative installation based on the poetry of space. In this proposal, she applies herself to revealing the unconscious contours of a landscape to give it a right of existence and resistance.

Today in collaboration with different companies (Begat Theater, Compagnie Comme ça, Compagnie le Polymorphe, Compagnie Raoui…), also author, director and performer of Compagnie L'Entaille. She  would also like to be a driver of heavy goods vehicles and go on a moped.

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