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Installation In situ EN VOL / DEEP SPEECH - Dialogues inter-espèces / Lab GAMERZ / Biennale d'aix du 6 avril 2024 au 5 mai 2024

The Polymorph is an arts company in public space, initiated by the visual artist Maëva Longvert. Her research revolves around the dramaturgy of the image and the sensitive experience of the audience. It was founded in 2019. It creates choreographic and plastic forms in public spaces,

a mixture of textiles, installations, bodies and movements.

NYCTALOPE is on women walking at night in public space and it reveal situations of tension.

NYCTALOPE started in July 2021 in Chalon dans le Rue. 

KILL ME is in creation for 2023. 

President : Anjelika Solé 

Treasurer : Deniz Atuk

Secretary : Prune Cathoire

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