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Photo: Carine Puyo

 NYCTALOPE is a project led by the Compagnie Le Polymorphe and consists of two stages:

One in Toulouse and the other in Helsinki with the Caisa cultural center. This is a participatory project carried out with a group of 30 women (15 from Samba Résille and 15 from the Center Culturel Bonnefoy) who question their relationship to public space at night. A nocturnal crossing that reveals the situations of tension that women can be confronted with. Between dream and nightmare, NYCTALOPE addresses particular typological places, a pedestrian crossing, a bus stop, a light under a street lamp, a narrow street ... all situations that reveal strategies of avoidance or circumvention. These places will be transformed and diverted, the women are invited to re-appropriate them, to regenerate them. It is a question of meetings, live art workshops and performances in the public space.

4.10.2021 > 10.10.2021 HELSINKI - FINLAND

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