“The finding: gender norms assigning individuals specific roles and statuses according to their assigned sex, gender, sexuality, etc. suppose a conditioned practice of public space ”.
The city what kind? Gender-tested public space.

Emmanuelle Faure / Corinne Luxembourg / Edna Hernandez-Gonzalez

With the pupils, it will be a question of addressing the question of the distribution and use of common spaces.
Through a plastic approach (sensitive cartography / affective geography / design / sculpture / scenography) and a physical and theatrical approach a number of questions will be asked to the students:

What are the places of tension in college?
How is the space distributed between people, sexes, individuals?
What is your connection to the other? What are your activities during the breaks?
What is your relationship to others in your college space, is it gendered?
From the physical research of the piece NYCTALOPE and the choreographic and plastic work, the students will be invited to trace their spaces, to represent them and to come and stir the material.
A living plastic installation of 3D cartography of the distribution and use of college spaces will be presented at the Cité des Arts de la Rue.
Students will be invited to see different phases of the creation process:

1. Material collection workshops: graphic collections, college cartography.
2. Workshops in theatrical and physical transcription.
3. Staging the 20-minute form.
4. Plastic realization of the transcription fresco.
5. Performance.