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Maëva Longvert

Graduated from a Master 2 "arts and scenes of today, - scenic writings in public space" (mention TB),  de la Fai-ar , (higher school of arts in public space), graduate of ESAAT (Higher School of Applied Arts and Textile).

Author of a singular textile weaving practice,  Maëva Longvert has been practicing in public spaces (forests, gardens, bridges, etc.) since her beginnings.

Maëva has been writing her first NYCTALOPE form since 2019 on the place of women in public space at night for the company LE POLYMORPHE which will play this summer in the In de Chalon.

She collaborates with many artists including Justine Berthillot with "Notre forêt" where she creates In situ installations.

She has been artistic director of the Toulouse Carnival since January 2021.

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